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We love impressing customers and hotel guests with cool technology.

“We’re finding more and more of Mandarin Oriental’s guests utilizing guestLINK to view their photos and videos on the HDTV, listening to their iPod through the TV’s sound system, or viewing their laptop on the larger HDTV screen. We also provide a “Technology Kit”, which has all the cables our guests may need to connect their devices, to complement the guestLINK connectivity console. Together we consider this a valuable amenity in our guest rooms.”

“The Hilton Dallas caters to business travelers which makes guestLINK’s in-room technology the perfect complement to our guest rooms. Another benefit of guestLINK is that it works with any TV manufacturer so we’re not tied to working with one company.”

“In our continuing efforts to provide guests with the most current technology, we are extremely excited to provide the guestLINK™ connectivity panels in our guest rooms for enjoyment during their stay. The guestLINK™ product allows compatibility with a large variety of portable devices popular with both our business and leisure travelers.”