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Create a seamless, connected environment from the most comfortable spot in the room. Music, movies, and more are wirelessly displayed from any tablet or smartphone right to the guest room HDTV. With Obsess from G-LINK it’s no longer just plug-and-play, it’s freedom and power

Lasting Impression
• Guests will be obsessed with the convenience of G-LINK — accessing their movies, video games, pictures, music,…from the comfort of their bed.

Wireless Freedom
• Connectivity for your guests’ favorite devices including Apple®, Android™, Windows, and others

Simple Installation
• HDMI output from the wireless receiver allows easy connection to the HDTV

Instant Connection
• “EZ-ON” magically puts your guests’ video on the HDTV without any special steps by automatically detecting the guests’ device

Complete Control for Your Guests

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Guest AV Inputs
– Apple® MFI 30-pin, HDMI, Aux Audio

Device Charging
– 2x USB (5V, 1A), Apple® MFI 30-pin

Video Resolutions
– 480P, 576P, 720P, 1080i, 1080P

Product size
8.1” L (206.5mm) x 5.4”H (136.8mm)
x 4.9” D (123.3mm)