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With enough AV ports to support MP3 players, smartphones, tablets, personal game consoles, and laptops, Crave offers connectivity guests want. A built-in Apple® connector means guests won’t need a special cable to use their favorite devices.Power is provided through the Apple® connector, two USB ports, and two AC outlets allowing guests to charge on demand.Instant Connection
• “EZ-ON” magically puts your guests’ video on the HDTV without any special steps by automatically detecting the guests’ devicePopular Technology
• Connectivity for your guests’ favorite devices including Apple®, Android™, Windows, and others

Apple® Access
• Built-in Apple® cable allows guests to easily connect to Crave, making your room a de-facto MFI suite

Beautiful full HD up-converts SDTV to HDTV

Complete Control for Your Guests

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Guest AV Inputs
- Apple® MFI 30-pin, HDMI, Aux Audio VGA, RCADevice Charging
- 2x USB (5V, 1A), Apple® MFI 30-pin,2x AC plugsVideo Resolutions
- 480p, 576p, 720p, 1080i, 1080p, VGA, SVGA, XVGAProduct size (wall mounted)
11.6” L (294.2mm) x 3.3”H (84.3mm)


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