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Powerwave G3


GLINK’s Powerwave G3 creates a unique experience for guests in an appealing manner. With high-tech connectivity, guests are able to connect their personal technology device to their in-room HDTV and high-performance speakers.

There are many benefits to including the Powerwave G3 in your hotel guest rooms:

  • Share Movies and Videos in Life Size on the In-Room HDTV – Supports all popular video resolutions including big, crisp, and beautiful Full HD
  • Connectivity Designed for Your Guests’ Devices – Apple iPad, iPod, and iPhone; Smartphones and tablets running Android and Windows; Supports laptops with either HDMI or VGA; Supports devices with RCA and S-video inputs
  • Simultaneously Charge and Play – Available 30 pin Apple MFI adapter charges whileit plays; Convenient USB ports power smartphones and tablets running Android and Windows; Two AC power outlets provide ample power for laptops, iPads, tablets, and more


With all of these options, your guests will be able to enjoy their home away from home as they travel to their locations. And it’s easy for hotels as well.

  • Simple Setup – True plug-and-play; CEC compatible; Easy HDMI connection to the HDTV
  • Quick Connectivity – G-Link “EZ-ON” automatically detects and switches to any video input the guest chooses


By making connectivity easily accessible for your guests, the result is a better in-room experience for everyone who checks in.

First and foremost, our hearts go out to those affected by Hurricane Sandy. While logistically traveling to Manhattan may be a challenge, we wish to support our fellow hoteliers and those who put on the International Hotel, Motel + Restaurant Show (IHMRS). Taking place in New York November 10-13, IHMRS is the pride and place of one of the largest hospitality sector-related trade shows in the United States.

With 700 exhibitors expected to participate, IHMRS continues to be popular among those in the hospitality industry by providing a diverse array of products and food services. Informative seminars and special events are organized throughout the weekend, providing fun and information for the some 30,000 spectators expected to attend.

Along with the trade show, we’re also looking forward to attending the American Hotel & Lodging Association Inaugural Gala honoring Ron Vlasic with Kimpton Hotels & Restaurants. For those of you that know Ron, you’ve likely enjoyed his humor and enthusiastic personality.


See you at the Javits Center in New York for the International Hotel, Motel + Restaurant Show! Please send an email to Lennie Rodgers at lrodgers@ciinet.com if you would like to schedule a meeting to learn more about our connectivity panels including the super cool Obsess, which connects to the HDTV wirelessly.

Convenience Goes A Long Way
Whether you have an iPhone, Android, or you’re still using one of those flip phones, connectivity is important. If you’re using a laptop, whether it’s a PC or a Mac, or any one of the many tablets out there, connectivity is even more important.

With the power of the Internet comes great power. That is, power to connect. And where can a guest receive power to charge up his or her device – the power outlet. However, who wants to go rummaging through a hotel room looking for an empty outlet? Most rooms have outlets that are already in use, a lamp or alarm clock is plugged in, or you have to crawl under the table in order to barely reach the outlet.

Well, not any more.

GLink Connect provides a convenient solution for hotels and their guests. With our Essentials products, hotel guests receive quick access to power, no unplugging required.

Give your hotel guests what they want, and more importantly, what they need. Convenience goes a long way, and it starts with GLink Connect!

Auto-sensing is a must have feature for hotel guests.  This allows any guest to use their personal media devices with the guestroom television without needing the remote control, printed instructions, or channel guide.  Simply plug your device into the G-LINK Connectivity panel or dock and watch the TV automatically turn on and go to the right channel or input.

G-LINK products accomplish this via CEC commands passed through the HDMI cable between our device and the display.  CEC, or Consumer Electronics Control, allows for multiple devices to share control similar commands without multiple button presses.  These commands can turn on a TV, select the correct input without needing a separate control device or serial cable (also known as RS2-32), and then your guest can sit back and watch, movies, pictures, videos, play games, or just relax with music on the guestroom television.  This makes for easy VOD integration, less points of failure, and low cost installation.

Most connectivity panels or jack packs currently on the market do not allow for single cable installations and often require a low voltage technician to install.  G-LINK delivers built in autosensing via a single HDMI cable to deliver the best guest room technology available at the lowest available price.

Auto-Sensing from G-LINK

         Obsess Wireless With Auto-Sensing Capabilities



Apple officially unveiled the iPhone 5 a little more than a week ago.  As always, the Apple announcement caused a flurry of excitement and anticipation.  This time the news caused a little anxiety too.  This is because for the first time since its debut, the iPhone will not have the venerable 30 pin MFI (Made For iPad/iPhone/iPod) connector.  Instead, the iPhone 5 will have an all digital connector called “Lightning.”  This immediately causes a hospitality IT director to ask many nervous questions.


Here is everything you need to know about Lightning, the 30 pin, and Apple connectivity.


Apple will have Lightning to 30 pin adapters available at launch.  The first generation will enable charging at a minimum.  There will also be active adapters that support analog audio over the 30 pin.  More elaborate adapters will allow you to go from the Lighting connector to HDMI or VGA.  These adapters will be readily available directly from Apple.   Basically, there is an adapter to support almost anything your guests want to do.

A/V  Connectivity

Did you already install a really cool connectivity panel in all your rooms?  Don’t worry.  It was a good choice.  The Lighting to HDMI adapter will allow your iPhone 5 guests to plug right into high end connectivity panels.  Your iPhone 5 guests will enjoy all their personal content just as you intended.

Are you thinking of investing in connectivity?  Good idea.  With the right panel you can support your new iPhone 5 guests and all your old 30 pin guests at the same time.  You may be tempted to ditch the 30 pin on a new connectivity panel, but unless you intend to alienate an installed base the size of Europe, you better not.  There are nearly 500 million Apple iPads, iPhones and iPods travelling around the planet right now.  That population is not going to die out any time soon.

Think about it.  How often do you upgrade your phone?  Every year?  Every two years?  You should probably offer that 30 pin to all the iPhone 4s, iPhone 4 and iPhone 3GS guests for at least another two years.

How often do you upgrade your tablet?  Every two years, Every three years?  We might want to add another couple years of 30 pin connectivity support to be safe.   You don’t want to leave your iPad, iPad 2 and iPad 3 guests out in the cold.

How often do you think guests upgrade their iPods?  They probably keep them for at least three years.  I bet some guests are still rocking iPod classics.  I am sure the 30 pin connector will be loved and cherished by your guests for as long as your TVs will.

All Is Well

So, Lighting has struck, and everyone is safe and sound.  There are enough adapters to make sure your investment in connectivity is justified.   With the right connectivity solution all your guests will feel loved.


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