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Auto-Sensing Connectivity Panels

Auto-sensing is a must have feature for hotel guests.  This allows any guest to use their personal media devices with the guestroom television without needing the remote control, printed instructions, or channel guide.  Simply plug your device into the G-LINK Connectivity panel or dock and watch the TV automatically turn on and go to the right channel or input.

G-LINK products accomplish this via CEC commands passed through the HDMI cable between our device and the display.  CEC, or Consumer Electronics Control, allows for multiple devices to share control similar commands without multiple button presses.  These commands can turn on a TV, select the correct input without needing a separate control device or serial cable (also known as RS2-32), and then your guest can sit back and watch, movies, pictures, videos, play games, or just relax with music on the guestroom television.  This makes for easy VOD integration, less points of failure, and low cost installation.

Most connectivity panels or jack packs currently on the market do not allow for single cable installations and often require a low voltage technician to install.  G-LINK delivers built in autosensing via a single HDMI cable to deliver the best guest room technology available at the lowest available price.

Auto-Sensing from G-LINK

         Obsess Wireless With Auto-Sensing Capabilities



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