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Essentials will keep your guests off the floor

Convenience Goes A Long Way
Whether you have an iPhone, Android, or you’re still using one of those flip phones, connectivity is important. If you’re using a laptop, whether it’s a PC or a Mac, or any one of the many tablets out there, connectivity is even more important.

With the power of the Internet comes great power. That is, power to connect. And where can a guest receive power to charge up his or her device – the power outlet. However, who wants to go rummaging through a hotel room looking for an empty outlet? Most rooms have outlets that are already in use, a lamp or alarm clock is plugged in, or you have to crawl under the table in order to barely reach the outlet.

Well, not any more.

GLink Connect provides a convenient solution for hotels and their guests. With our Essentials products, hotel guests receive quick access to power, no unplugging required.

Give your hotel guests what they want, and more importantly, what they need. Convenience goes a long way, and it starts with GLink Connect!

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